Is Halal Meat Stunned Before Slaughter?

No. Halal meat is not stunned before slaughter because it is against the practice to do that here in the UK as mentioned in our previous article talking about this subject. The RSPCA themselves say slaughter without pre-stunning causes “unnecessary suffering”.

UK Food Standards Agency figures from 2011 suggest 84% of cattle, 81% of sheep and 88% of chickens slaughtered for halal meat were stunned before they died. Supermarkets selling halal products say they stun all animals before they are slaughtered. Tesco says the only difference between the halal meat it sells and other meat is that it was blessed as it was killed. Stunning of livestock has been mandatory in the EU since 1979, although member states can grant exemptions for religious slaughter. Some countries, including Denmark, have opted to ban non-stunning slaughter altogether. The UK government says it has no intention of banning religious slaughter.

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